Neighborhood Catalyst Grant 

Established in 2018, our Neighborhood Catalyst Grant is a four-year investment in one Richmond neighborhood. We award  four $25,000 annual grants to local nonprofits doing good in that neighborhood. These funds are intended to encourage and reward collaboration, advancement and partnership in solving community challenges across all Impact 100 Richmond focus areas. Through a trust-based philanthropic model, we collaborate with leaders in the selected community who identify specific needs and concrete solutions for improvement, so we can direct our grant dollars effectively. We believe this grant is an essential way for us to continue connecting women from all over Richmond and changing lives.

The Neighborhood Catalyst Grant will provide

$25,000 for four years in one geographic region in order to make real change in one

neighborhood. With a focus on neighborhood-based interventions, these funds are intended to

encourage and reward collaboration, advancement and partnership in solving community

challenges across all Impact 100 focus areas.

Our Collaborative Approach and Four-Year Process:

October | Neighborhoods Finalists Announced
Based on recommendations by the Community Foundation, neighborhood finalists are revealed at the Big Kick. Detailed information on each neighborhood is presented to the full membership by email and social media in order to select our
4-year neighborhood partner. Voting begins online after the Big Kick and continues for four weeks. 

January | Neighborhood Recipient Announced
The recipient of the Catalyst Grant is revealed at the Big Learn. The full membership is notified by email and social media. 

February & March | Nonprofits Submit Applications
he Catalyst Grant Committee (CGC), comprised of Impact 100 Richmond and neighborhood leaders (identified with the help of the Community Foundation) sets the grant focus area(s) based on neighborhood recommendations. Focus areas 
may be narrowed even more to help with specific needs, such as:

● Technology Access
● Safety
● Neighborhood Character
● After School Hours

Once we identify the focus areas, residents/leaders recommend project(s) that meet our requirements and
solicit local nonprofits to submit an application to the neighborhood leaders. 

April & May | Nonprofits Announced
The CGC reviews the grant applications and makes recommendations to our membership for endorsement. The neighborhood leaders notify the grant recipient(s) and attend the Big Give in May.

September | Nonprofit Reports 
Nonprofit grantee(s) report their progress to the CGC.

October | Member Update 
Members are updated at the Big Kick then by email and social media. Process begins again to identify and select nonprofits to receive the next $25,000 grant.

Neighborhood Catalyst Grant FAQs

Our 2018-19 Neighborhood Partner: Greater Fulton

The women of the Greater Fulton Neighborhood Advisory Committee (GFNAC) directed our $25,000 investment as follows:

$13,500 to the Historic Fulton Memorial Park. Historic Fulton Memorial Park aims to bring healing and memorialize the displacement of thousands of residents during the 1970s Fulton Urban Renewal Plan, which destroyed more than 800 homes, businesses and churches.

Historic Fulton Memorial Park is incredibly important to new and long-term residents who have been working on it for more than seven years. With primary funding provided by the City of Richmond, the park completion will open in 2020, exactly 50 years after the razing of this neighborhood. Our funds will help make the park immediately usable by the public, providing benches and trash receptacles. We also will fund the planting of memorial dogwood trees to honor the strength of the Fulton women who have fought hard to keep their families together and connected, despite many obstacles over the last 50 years. Our funds will be deployed through the Enrichmond Foundation.

$11,500 to Innovate Fulton, Inc. Led and staffed by community volunteers, Innovate Fulton is focused on the revitalization of Greater Fulton's commercial corridor. Their plans are based on direct feedback from the Fulton neighborhood. Our funds will provide ongoing website communications, a much-needed design for the commercial corridor and support to host a block party next Fall. Our funds will be deployed through Storefront for Community Design.

Read more about Greater Fulton's regrowth and progress:
Indelible Roots: Historic Fulton and Urban Renewal, Virginia Currents (Jul 2016)  and Greater Fulton's Community Newsletter


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Impact 100 Richmond is a partner of the Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization. 

All tax deductible donations should be made as gifts to The Impact 100 Richmond Fund at the Community Foundation.

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